​​​P​ONY and/or UNICORN Sessions (and visit a Duck)!

For the horse-loving child (riders must be at least three years old), who may not yet be ready for lessons, but still wants to learn about ponies, we offer Pony Sessions.  During a half-hour session, which may be shared by one or two children ages 3 years and up, a child may do any or all of the following:  pet, brush, "help" saddle and ride a pony, then give the pony a little snack at the end of the half hour.  Some children will just want to pet and brush the pony, some will want to ride more than others.  Whatever they want to do during their time is up to them!  AND - the Pony can be a Unicorn if that's what the child wants!  We also have some ducks to visit after riding.  

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